The COA is committed to safe and reliable container operations and works with Flexitank manufacturers to implement quality management procedures.

The use of flexitank systems (flexitanks fitted within an ISO container) for the transport of non-regulated (non-dangerous) liquids has grown substantially in recent years. It is estimated that more than 800,000 flexitanks were transported in 2017

The COA is committed to the safe operation of flexitank systems and continues to work with container owners and the flexitank industry to develop quality management procedures.

COA has published a Code of Practice setting out the procedures that should be met when transporting flexitanks.

COA has participated with BSI to publish a recognised international flexitank standard, “PAS 1008:2016 Specification for the performance and testing of a single-use flexitank”.

The standard is available from BSI shop and other ISO standard suppliers:


COA members that successfully complete the quality procedures are awarded a compliance certificate.

These members are recorded on the FQML (flexitank quality management list)

FQML is a reference document for use by COA shipping lines as part of their risk assessment.

The FQML includes, for each COA flexitank member, the status of quality procedures that are required by the Code of Practice:

• ISO 9001 quality management system
• Material tests
• Installation, operating and training instruction manual
• Environmental management
• Rail impact test.

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These arrangements are being introduced with immediate effect

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