Containerchain Pty Ltd

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Containerchain is the principal supplier of software for container logistics and freight scheduling in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and several other countries in Asia. Our solutions link industry participants via a secure network, allowing them to communicate and facilitate every step in the container round-trip, from the moment they leave the ship until they return to ship.

If you are an empty container depot operator or shipping line, we have tools to help you manage the functions, resource and information requirements of your business. Our solutions will directly reduce your costs and improve your revenue, as well as providing benefits to other parties in the container logistics supply chain in the form of fully automated (paperless and cashless) transactions at depot gates.

Containerchain solutions are real-time, and deliver data and functionality tailored specifically to the role and need of each industry participant, from surveyor and forklift operator through to manager and owner. This means your workforce always has clear tasks and procedures, and your business operations are smooth, informed and cost effective.

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